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This Privacy Policy applies to Zoe by Profex SG and you have authorized to accept this Privacy Policy when you sign in, view or use Zoe by Profex SG. If you do not wish to accept our Privacy Policy, please sign out, and withdraw from browsing or using Zoe by Profex SG.


1. Collection of Personal information

When users enter Zoe by Profex SG, basically you are NOT required to enter any personal information. Unless you want are joining our member ship system or making a purchase, Zoe by Profex SG will not obtain user's personal information without the user's knowledge. When you sign in, browse or use Zoe by Profex SG services, Zoe by Profex SG will automatically receive and record information from your browser and computer, including and not limited to your IP address, browser type, language used, access date and time, the properties of the software and hardware, and the pages you request to visit within our site. Information collected only act as traffic analysis and network behavior survey, in order for us to improve the quality of service on Zoe by Profex SG.


2. Use of Personal information

Zoe by Profex SG uses non-personally identifiable information for the following purposes, including but not limited to: managing websites, collecting statistical data, and providing non-registered reports to third-party service providers to measure the overall performance of our site.Zoe by Profex SG does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or distribute any of the above information without the prior written consent, Zoe by Profex SG does not  allow the third party to collect, edit, sell or distribute any of the above personal information. If any party is discovered in any of the above activities, we have the right to terminate our service agreement immediately. If you do not wish to receive any information from Zoe by Profex SG, please email us at


3. Use of Cookies

Under the circumstances that you do not refuse to accept cookies, Zoe by Profex SG access cookies on your computer setting to access its service or function upon your sign in. We may use cookies to provide you with more personalized services (including promotional services); you have the right to choose to accept or refuse the usage of cookies. Obtaining information through the use of cookies by Zoe by Profex SG will apply this Privacy Policy.


4. Data Security

To protect your privacy and security, your account information in Zoe by Profex SGis protected with password.

We will notsell or disclose your personal information without your consent, except for thefollowing conditions:

• Any agents, contractors and service providers that provide services to Zoe by Profex SG, including administration, purchase order processing, electronic communications, computers, website maintenance, payment processor and other services.

• Any person and organization, including affiliates, who have a confidential agreement with Zoe by Profex SG.

• Any person and institution that we believe is obliged to disclose information to the relevant law.


5.    Update and Modify Member Information

By registering as a member of Zoe by Profex SG, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions and to the personal data collection statement. When you sign into Zoe by Profex SG and agree to become a member of our website, you must fill in some required personal information requested from our Personal Data Collection Statement on the site as a condition of using the services of Zoe by Profex SG,you are entitled to amend your personal information. 

If there are any changes to your personal information or if you find any incorrect information, you may sign in and edit or modify your information on the website, this including requesting to stop sending newsletters, advertisements, promotions and other related information.


If you have any inquiries about the Privacy Policy of Zoe by Profex SG, please do not hesitate to email us at